3 HVAC Repair Company Secrets You Should Be Aware Of

Among all the essential home amenities, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems reign supreme. People seem to have become so reliant on HVAC systems over time that they no longer have to worry about blazing heat or freezing winters.

But what if your air conditioner or the heating system breaks down all of sudden. Well, it is nothing less than a nightmare, right! That’s when you can turn in to us for AC or heating replacement in Alvin, TX, and ensure proper repair or replacement by our trained technicians. 

The ultimate purpose of having a well-functioning HVAC system is to ensure your and your family’s comfort. You must be cautious when purchasing or repairing your HVAC unit. People frequently fall into various traps and lose a significant amount of money as a result. These traps are nothing but few

secrets that you may not be aware of, but if you are, you can surely save money. Let’s get to know about these secrets.

Say ‘No’ to Free Services 

People often get blinded by excitement when they find something for free. However, everything comes at a cost.

You might see several advertisements promoting “no-cost services” for heating or AC repair in Alvin, TX. Or you might get a bunch of calls offering free services. Deny them. It is preferable to stay away from such services, since you may become a victim of these fraudulent scammers.  

It is rare to find authenticity in these services. Moreover, even if they are genuine, you may have to compromise for a lower-quality product. In conclusion, these free services aren’t worth your time or effort. Therefore, it’s best to look for an air conditioning installation near me to receive the best deals.

 Size of the AC matters! 

You should evaluate and calculate the perfect size of your HVAC unit to make it compatible with your home. Not only will a unit that is too large be more expensive, but its cooling and heating speed may be too fast for smaller dwellings. On the other hand, a larger unit will heat and cool your home rapidly, but it will also cause your system to cycle on and off more frequently. This might result in wear and tear on the unit and can cost you a pretty amount of money.

Seek a second opinion.

Many times, people get fooled to buy expensive parts of the unit by the technician which is not even necessary. Whenever you go for a heating or AC repair in Alvin, TX, never hesitate to wait and ask for a second opinion. Purchase the product only after conducting thorough research and being convinced of its quality.

For any queries, you can always reach out to Davis Mechanical Contractors and ensure an efficient and reliable service.

4 Things To Check Before Calling AC Repair

Air conditioners are sensitive units. One small change on their part and the entire working of the unit can change. This can mean a complete breakdown of the unit or increased efficiency. This is one of the reasons why you should rely on more than an “AC contractor near me search to find a reliable technician. However, if you have found a technician, here are four things you should check before calling them.

4 Things To Inspect Before Calling A Technician

  • Your Air Conditioner’s Filters

Most air conditioner problems arise from their filters. A dirty filter blocks the airflow to your home. This means that the air conditioner has to work overtime to push out the air. In turn, this energy turns the air warm. However, if your filters are clean, the AC doesn’t have to work extra hard. Therefore, it is essential to keep your filter clean at all times.

  • Your Thermostat’s Setting

Your thermostat works in sync with all heating, cooling, and ventilation units in your home to maintain the temperature. However, if your thermostat isn’t programmed correctly, your ac unit may not work correctly. Therefore, instead of calling for an air conditioner repair in Alvin, TX, you should recalibrate your air conditioner. Your smart thermostat should come with a manual that provides instructions on recalibration.

  • Check the Breaker Box.

If the breakers in your breaker box are tripped, your ac contractor will flip them. You can quickly check these and solve the issue by yourself. There are two breakers for every air conditioning unit: one for the indoor and one for the outdoor unit. Ensure to inspect them to see whether either has tripped. If it has, you can reset the breaker and check whether your unit is working correctly. Also, you can check to see whether the fuse in your unit has blown.

  • Your Last Maintenance Record

Your last maintenance record can reveal a lot about your air conditioner’s status. When was the last time you called for maintenance? When was the last time you called for air conditioner repair in Alvin, TX? If the answer was over a year ago, then your AC is long overdue. The problem you’re facing may stem from a lack of attention to your air conditioner. The best solution for this is to call a maintenance service immediately.

Symptoms of AC Problems

The severity of your AC’s problems may depend entirely on the symptoms you see. Some of the common symptoms your AC needs help with are:

  1. Warm air blowing out
  2. No airflow
  3. Unit overheat within 10-15 minutes of use
  4. Unusual or consistent noises
  5. Unusual smells

A good contractor can help you solve any air conditioner problem that you may come across. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor, Davis Mechanical Contractors can help you with any AC problem. In addition, we provide emergency repair on all air conditioning units. 

We can help you save money on your air conditioner. You can find us by searching for an air conditioning installation near me. You can call us on (713) 875-0980 with all your queries. You can also email your queries to [email protected].

3 Top Secrets HVAC Repair Companies Don’t Want You to Know

In most developed countries, houses have a good quality HVAC system installed in them. The complete form of HVAC is the combination of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The necessity of a proper working system is more than one can apprehend. An excellent HVAC service can keep you and your family in utmost comfort during uncomfortable weather conditions. This can happen in both summers and winters.

Like any commercial industry, there are quite a few unknown facts that the customers don’t know. However, some of them might be helpful and avoid a visit to air conditioner repair Alvin, TX. This article aims at revealing some interesting and useful secrets of HVAC repair companies. Read till the end! 

Let us first understand the use of HVAC!

Need in Houses

  • An HVAC system helps a lot in regulating the temperature during extremes. For example, such a system will aid in maintaining a stable temperature in an office building during both winters and summers. Every HVAC contractor near me has a similar opinion.
  • A comfortable working atmosphere automatically boosts work productivity. It encourages the employee to work harder without getting bothered by the weather. The same can be said for any house.
  • HVAC systems regulate air quality apart from checking the temperature. This ensures a healthy breathing environment. 

The Secrets

  • Avoid Free Services

One might come across several advertisements claiming to provide HVAC services for free. Never buy such fraudulent claims. Even if they are authentic, the quality won’t be worth it. You might have to replace the entire system sooner than you can imagine. Instead, you could check out the air conditioning installation near me for excellent deals.

  • Listen to Others

There have been several incidents of fraud. The service provider might convince you to buy unnecessary parts or replace others. These parts are essentially costly. Hence, do your research correctly and don’t hesitate to ask for second opinions. This will prevent you from getting deceived. 

  • Check the Size

HVAC services are available in various sizes, suiting the needs of customers. However, while buying, don’t forget to keep the building measurements in mind. If you buy an HVAC bigger than your house, it might not function well. Instead, there will be unnecessary extra power consumption. Apart from that, you may face space issues in accommodating the machinery. Thus, think twice before purchasing. 

Installation of a machine can be pretty messy if done in the wrong way. This is why one needs to plan the entire process to avoid unnecessary chaos. It is a complicated and costly affair to change the total system twice. The air conditioning installation near me taught this important lesson. 

Check the reviews online and talk with close friends or relatives. These opinions will help you to make an informed decision. The main point here is absorbing the proper knowledge and discarding the others. The HVAC contractors near me have the correct information to help you through the entire process.

You can call Davis Mechanical Contractors for professional opinions and services today for all your HVAC needs.

Air Conditioner Not Working? Problems and Solutions

You want to begin the warmer months in a relaxed zone, which means as complaint-free as possible. A preemptive AC troubleshooting mission and proper residential air conditioning upkeep can help you in your motive of smoothly operating AC during the scorching summers.

Let’s take a look at the most well-known air conditioning crises – 

Drainage Difficulties

Where does the moisture removed by your AC go? It is designed to be discarded through a drain line and then is funneled into a trench. If the drain is plugged up and the pan overflows, the water will back up and harm your air conditioning system. The backup can result in water leaks that can damage your building. Therefore, you should not overlook the drainage lines when analyzing air conditioning troubleshooting techniques.

Condenser Problems Will Heat Things Up

The condenser has a crucial task to do. It is accountable for expelling the heat removed from the air by releasing it outside. The condenser coil is an essential part of your outdoor unit, which implies it’s exposed to silt, grime, and several contaminants that make it dirty. If the coils are filthy, it will hinder heat transfer and make your air conditioning unit work harder.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Enough

Inspect your vents to ensure all of them are clear. If even one of them is blocked, it can make it arduous to cool your entire home because the warm air from the closed vent will mix with the cool air. Otherwise, you may leak in your refrigerant line. If your air conditioning unit is aged or was not installed properly, it may be wearing out or is the incorrect size for your residence. Air conditioning systems that are too large will cycle on and off too quickly, decreasing their efficiency. An air conditioning system that’s too tiny for your home will work harder to cool your house, leading to an untimely breakdown.

Thermostat Glitches

If your thermostat is not functioning or poorly calibrated, it may not indicate the AC to turn on. For example, suppose your thermostat is set to the lowest temperature setting, and the air conditioning system still does not turn on. In that case, it’s perhaps time to call your AC repair in Alvin, TXtechnician, who will probably recalibrate or replace the thermostat. The former, dial-type thermostats are frequently prone to calibration issues, but sometimes the newer programmable thermostats are not easy to use. 

Helpful Suggestions to Avoid Air Conditioning Issues 

  • Clean brush and dirt from the outside unit and encircling area.
  • You should consult your thermostat manual to ensure you have programmed your thermostat appropriately.
  • Install a thermostat that is more accurate and saves energy.
  • Replace grimy air filters and clean the condensing unit.
  • Inspect ducts for any wear and tear and have them repaired.
  • Proper maintenance is the greatest way to prevent troubles and headaches for you and those who reside in your residential complex.

Davis Mechanical Contractors are one of the top search results when you browse AC companies near me. Call us now from the number on our website, or send us an email at [email protected].


Troubleshooting Tips for AC Repair

A homeowner should not try to fix their AC all alone, as these systems are frequently complex. The models of ACs used all over the country are additionally particularly specialized. They often come with central processors, and different parts control advanced readouts, integrated dehumidifiers, and other similar features. 

AC fix tips include cleaning the grill around the condenser, changing filters, and checking for any obstacles. Remember you can often find obstructions in the condenser or the drain tube. The thermostat of the house may also need new wiring or recalibrating. 

To help you through this process, you may follow some of the tips given below. Some of these tips are a one-person job, but if you ever need any help, you can look for help by searching for HVAC contractors near me.

Troubleshooting Tips

Before executing any of these tips, make sure you are safe. 

  • Wear proper eye gear, protective gloves, and make sure that your ACs are off. 
  • Kids and pets are to stay away from the area you are cleaning up.
  • If you use any cleansers or lubricants, make sure you have an appropriate apparatus for breathing and your house has enough ventilation. Take extra care if you are using aerosol sprays.
  • The first thing you need to do is check for tripped circuits, including the electrical switch to the home’s heater. If you do not know what a tripped circuit looks like, switch off the circuits to your furnace and air conditioner and then switch them back on. If they turn on, you are good to go, and if they do not, call in an electrician.
  • If you feel like you need professional help, do not hesitate to reach out to a reputable AC repair in Alvin, TX company. 
  • Next, you need to change the heater filter of your home. When this filter is blocked and filthy, air goes back down and even stops your AC unit from cooling the house. If you do not know the state of your filter and do not remember changing it lately, contact a local AC repair in Alvin, TX company to replace it!
  • The next tip involves the condenser of your air conditioner, usually located outside the house. Even when you cover your condenser with a defensive material, the coil or grille around it may get obstructed. Obstruction can be caused by leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and other such materials.
  • The coil in question takes into account wind currents around the condenser. When it stops, the condenser overheats and shuts down.
  • Wipe the waste around the edges of the fan in the grille and see if this starts up your AC. If not, call in for assistance by looking up HVAC contractors near me on a search engine. 

These are a few quick fixes you can employ for your air conditioning system. But if these do not help or you need further service, contact Davis Mechanical Contractors for quick, friendly, and satisfactory results. When a team from Davis comes over, you will not need these quick-fix tips for a long time.

5 Tips on Prepping Your AC For Spring And Summer 

If your recent online searches have included AC companies near me because you want to prepare for spring and summer, this article is for you. You can reach out to local companies for extra tips and tricks, but here, you will learn about five tips that will always help you with the changing weather. 

You do not want to turn on your air conditioner on the first day of summer to find that it does not work. You will be left frustrated and sweaty. When an air system unit sits inactive for quite a long time, gathering leaves and trash, the system will not work as new. 

If you do not check on your air conditioner before summer arrives, you might end up drowning in sweat with sky-high bills waiting for payment. Because summers are the peak time for repair of ACs, service and maintenance appointments reach new heights. You want to steer clear of all extra costs by following these tips – 

Remove covers 

In case you cover your air conditioner system throughout the winter season, make sure to take the covers off when the temperature heats up. Keeping them on could harm your system.

Check on your air filters 

Most frameworks have a replaceable or reusable air filter in the system (generally situated inside or close to the air-inlet area). A few HVAC systems additionally utilize air channels in the return-air registers inside the house. Make sure to clean or replace all such filters twice a year or whenever they look dusty. 

You can look up AC contractors near me for an easy replacement or suggestions for replacements. 

Clean your condenser coils 

A centralized air system’s condenser unit, usually situated outside, is a huge metal box with sides that resemble grills. Behind the grills, you can see fan edges. Generally, you will find that this condenser unit contains leaves, dirt, and other garbage. And it is up to you to clean it. 

If not cleaned, the coils of the system might get obstructed and will not move. Anything that hinders the airflow will chop down the productivity of the condenser, so these coils should be cleaned toward the start of each season so that they remain in top shape.

Clean your ducts

Other than checking if your pipelines do not have any holes or leaks, you also need to clean them. Over time, they might have collected dirt, debris, and mold of their own. Any foreign substance can hinder their functioning, so you need to stay on top of your cleaning game. 

Schedule an appointment

More than anything, you need to schedule a maintenance appointment with your company of choice. Toward the start of spring, you must plan a routine maintenance appointment with a trustworthy air conditioner expert to ensure that the entirety of the parts are functioning as they ought to.

If you do not know which company to go for, contact Davis Mechanical Contractors for quick and efficient service. Their technicians have trained to diagnose problems quickly and solve them just as fast.

6 Tips To Save Money On Your Energy Bill This Summer

Saving money never goes out of fashion, and it becomes even a greater matter of joy when it is reflected in your energy bill, which tends to soar immensely in summers. Summers make us face extreme heat and irritating humidity, and the only device which can counterattack is your HVAC unit, especially an air conditioner. 

HVAC units often increase electricity bills during summer as they are used excessively or lack efficiency due to low maintenance. Search for HVAC contractors near me and schedule an appointment with a skilled technician to save. Servicing your HVAC unit helps significantly in boosting the efficiency of your system, thereby reducing energy costs.

Who does not want to enjoy the pleasure of cool air without stressing over hefty bills? We know you want to and so, here’s a list of 6 tips which can help you save money on your electricity bills:

  • Replace and Update your HVAC Unit: Old HVAC units contribute to your high energy bill. Upgrading and replacing your unit with a modern and efficient version will save you extra costs in the long run. While upgrading, look for Energy Star Certified systems with maximum Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). 
  • Air Filters: Air filters are components of an HVAC unit that are exposed to dirt and dust to a large extent. They have to be regularly cleaned on a personal level or by taking the professional help of hvac contractors to initiate smooth airflow and low energy costs.
  • Protection from Sun and Debris: Your system can be hampered if it is continuously exposed to the Sun and obstructed with debris and twigs. Ensure to protect your AC by growing some shrubs or plants around it and cleaning the unit with water. Debris and twigs are not only unhealthy but also damage your system.
  • Procure a Programmable Thermostat: Programmable thermostats are a great investment as they enable us to control the unit from anywhere. You can set the temperature for specific rooms and schedule the timer according to your routine. This saves unnecessary usage of the unit.
  • Ceiling Fans: A ceiling fan is another great way to reduce your energy bill costs. It can be used to create the wind chill effect, and you can raise the thermostat settings by many degrees without having to compromise on the comfort. This makes your HVAC system work less, comparatively.
  • Clean and Open Vents: Ensure that your vents and ducts are in good condition. Often vents can be shut for cleaning purposes and then are forgotten to be opened. This restricts the airflow and results in the accumulation of dust and debris. Clean and unrestricted airflow means cool space and less energy usage. 

Adopting these methods to cut down expenses on energy bills is highly sustainable. Alongside cleaning and upgrading your HVAC, repairing and maintenance also goes a long way in reducing the costs. 

Get in touch with Davis Mechanical at (713) 875-0980 and start saving money today!


The 3 Most Common Problems With Your AC And How To Fix Them

The scorching Texas heat can genuinely be unbearable, especially during the ongoing months. The summer season makes us realize our AC units’ actual value and utility, which provide us with the much-needed calm and comfort throughout the season.  

However, these appliances demand regular maintenance and care for optimum functioning. Some common problems do not always require a technician, although you should search for ‘AC contractors near me‘ before taking up the task yourself. 

The three most common issues are mentioned below, with an idea of what you can do about them if need be. So that you can combat the minor problems even without an air conditioner repair, Alvin, TX.

1). No cooling or inadequate cooling

The issue is commonly seen in spaces where either the unit is not proportional to the size of the space or is not set appropriately for it. Resetting the thermostat can quickly fix the latter, while the former will require you to get a replacement. 

If these two things are in order and yet the unit is not providing adequate cooling, You should check if anything is hindering the function of the evaporator coil. Another reason could be an electrical issue, in which case you will have to seek the help of a technician.

2). AC not turning on

Many people face the issue wherein the air conditioner is properly plugged in and supposed to be running. In such a case, the first thing to check is whether the condenser is working. If it is not, you can try turning the unit off and again in a few minutes. If the condenser still does not run, you need to contact your provider for air conditioner repair, Alvin, TX.

Another thing that may be causing this issue is a clogged filter. The filter needs to be cleaned periodically and is usually done by your maintenance service technician when you get your annual tune-up. But the more the unit is used, the more the filter gets dirty, especially in households with pets. Hence, you may need to clean out the filter more frequently.

3). Incorrect thermostat setting

The thermostat is essentially what makes your air conditioner function as per your needs. The way you set up your thermostat tells the air conditioner what you wish for it to do. The most common and perhaps easily fixable issue that people face related to their air conditioners is an incorrectly calibrated thermostat. If the thermostat is not calibrated correctly, it cannot send the proper instructions to the AC. You can refer to the instruction manual or call the manufacturer’s customer support in cases like these.

Most issues other than these may require professional help from qualified AC contractors near me. Even when you feel like you are enough to solve an issue with your unit, it is always advisable to seek professional help to ensure your family’s safety. 

Are you looking for air conditioner repair, Alvin, TX? You have visited the perfect place. At Davis Mechanical Contractors, we provide seamless HVAC services in Alvin, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call now at (713) 875-0980 for details.

3 Signs You Need an AC Service Soon

There is nothing more unfortunate than realizing that your air conditioning system is not working properly during the peak of the summer months. The problem usually starts with small signs that you might ignore, which caps off into a huge problem. It suddenly makes you wonder who are the best AC contractors near me or who does the best air conditioning installation near me. So, you must be aware of the signs shown by your air conditioning system and should know where to go if you suddenly start facing any problem with your unit. Read on to learn more. 

Three Signs shown by your AC that it needs a service

Generally, we ignore the signs shown by our air conditioning units due to a lack of knowledge of what the signs mean. So, it would be best if you educated yourself in this regard. So here we will discuss three crucial signs shown by your air conditioning unit when something is wrong with it.  

Not Cooling Properly

Most of the time, we can identify when our air conditioning units stop cooling properly. You might face situations where your air conditioning unit, despite working continuously, will not be able to cool the room or takes an exceptionally long time to cool the room. This problem might arise due to many reasons such as the air conditioner having too much refrigerant or not having enough of it or due to dirty air filters.

Strange Noises

Generally, the air conditioning systems do not make too much noise. Of course, it makes small noises, but if you identify any weird sounds coming from your air conditioning unit, then it is time to have your air conditioning system looked at by a professional. You might hear a banging sound if your compressor needs a replacement or due to a broken part inside the ac unit. Similarly, you might notice squawking sounds if the fan or blower starts malfunctioning. 


Generally, your air conditioning system’s compressor switches itself off if the desired temperature on the thermostat is reached. This is known as a cycle. If you find that your air conditioning unit is switching on and off frequently, it indicates a problem with your air conditioner. These problems impact how the temperature is maintained in your space, causing you a lot of discomforts. It also results in higher utility bills as your air conditioner consumes more energy by frequently participating in on and off cycles. 

These are the three crucial signs shown by your air conditioning when it needs service. Contact the best AC repair Alvin, TX, to look at your air conditioner if you face any problem with your AC unit because only a professional can take good care of your air conditioning unit. 

At Davis Mechanical Contractors, they provide the best air conditioning and heating services and replacement. They are dedicated to providing quality services at competitive rates. Their well-trained technicians will take good care of your air conditioning unit and solve the problem efficiently. 


Guide To The Best AC Installation

Texas is home to many weather belts. Chilly in the north, hot deserts in the south, and Alvin city and its nearby areas experience four full summer months. So when temperatures peak to 91°F, the people have one savior, the air conditioning system.

New homeowners or those using an old system for years require an AC installation. Having an AC at home gives people comfortable indoor temperatures and fresh indoor air. The modern AC system comes with energy-efficient technology. Thus, people using an old AC that uses too much energy need to get a replacement to prevent hefty energy bills.

Once you plan on getting an air conditioning system installed, you need to look after certain things. If you are getting a first-time installation, you must consider a few things and make a few arrangements before calling in technicians for air conditioning installation near you.

We Will Now Help You Homeowners Prepare for an AC Installation.

  • Hire the Right Contractor

The first and foremost step in preparing for an installation would be choosing the right contractor. One must try to get the best services at a very reasonable price. Your contractor should be a fully certified professional who would assist you in every process step.

AC installation is not just about fitting a machine and making it work. Your contractor should look after essential pre-and post-installation services like choosing, budgeting, and repairs and maintenance. It is vital to hire a contractor who is transparent and is someone who understands your requirements.

  • Load Calculation

House owners should ensure that their contractors conduct a load calculation and give a thorough report. Load calculation involves paying attention to structural components such as the house’s roof, windows, location, and direction.

It provides a well-calculated account for selecting the correct sized system. Getting a big-sized AC system for a tiny house will add unnecessary bills, and getting a small-sized system for a big area will not serve its purpose. We also provide the top services of AC repair Alvin TX.

  • Select the Right System

The right system for your house is the one that fits your budget, is energy efficient, can be maintained at home, and goes well with the house’s structure. It would be best if you looked at the SEER rating of the machine. To save on expenses in the future, choose an AC with a rating above 13. A good contractor will assist you in purchasing the right system for your house.

  • Check the Ducts

The ductwork in your house is a vital component of an air conditioning system. The air travels through the ducts to reach the rooms. Blocked and unclean ducts put pressure on the functioning and mess with the air quality. It is also necessary to look for broken duct pipes. If you operate an AC with leaking ducts, the air leakage will cause too many problems for you. Therefore, cleaning and repairing the duct pipes is essential before installation.

  • Clear the Installation Area

The air conditioning machine is a heavy piece requiring minor installation construction. Therefore, the technicians must have the installation area cleared to avoid accidents and property damage.

Preparing for the installation requires a minor collaborative effort of the contractor and the owner. These arrangements make the installation smooth and cost-effective.

Davis Mechanical Contractors is the right choice if you wonder where to find an AC installation near me in Alvin, Manvel, TX. With a team of local certified professionals who work minding the local regulations, DMC air conditioning prioritizes family safety and comfort. We guarantee excellent work with a written warranty, and our friendly service is loved and trusted by all.