AC Replacement In Friendswood, TX

AC Replacement in Friendswood, TX, and Surrounding Areas

AC Replacement By Davis Mechanical Contractors

All you want during the hot weather is to stay cool and comfortable throughout the day, and air conditioners have been introduced to ensure that. But like every machine, your AC is subjected to breakdowns as it grows old and requires necessary repairs to ensure smooth and efficient functioning for a long time. Contact Us Today for AC Replacement in Friendswood, TX.


Things you must know about AC replacement

Many homeowners get confused about whether to repair the AC or replace it. And to help you in making the right decision, we mention some important things you should know about your AC replacement.

  • Know the age
    The first thing to know is the period of your air conditioner. If your unit is about 12 to 15 years old, we recommend a replacement as the best option.

  • Know the signs
    You should know the signs that indicate the need for AC replacement like
    • Your AC produces strange, loud, and unusual noises.
    • Your AC doesn’t blow cold air.
    • When you notice foul smells coming from your AC.

  • Know the cost
    Like all appliances, the cost of AC varies depending upon the size, brand, and type.
    • For replacing the central AC system, the cost would be between $3400 and $6000.
    • For a simple window unit replacement, the price could be about $240.
    • For a new ductless mini-split AC, the price ranges from $650 to $4400.

  • Know-how will it save money
    AC Replacement in Friendswood, TX may cost you a good amount of money, but it will save you money in the long run. A new unit will be highly efficient, use less electricity and reduce the energy bill. And to save more, make sure to get the most appropriate size air conditioner.

  • Know who to call
    Get it done from a professional and reliable source like Davis Mechanical Contractors when you need to replace your air conditioner. They offer quality work and take full responsibility for every action.
AC Replacement in Friendswood, TX, and Surrounding Areas

All about Davis Mechanical Contractors?

We at Davis Mechanical Contractors have got all your heating and cooling needs covered in one place. Whether you need installation or repair, we can do it all. Our professional ethics, expertise, and way of handling the customers have made us one of the most trusted and reliable HVAC companies. We have always cared deeply about our customers like a family and are willing to do everything possible to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Apart from AC replacement, you can always contact us to get the highest quality services like installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance regarding the following.

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless
  • Insulation
  • Indoor Air Quality

We are available in

We have always believed in expanding our business to serve more and more customers living in different places with the best quality HVAC services. Currently, we are available in the following areas given below.

  • Alvin
  • Manvel
  • Rosharon
  • Friendswood
  • Pearland
  • Lowa Colony

Why choose Davis Mechanical Contractors for AC replacement?

We know that you must be thinking about why you should choose us, what makes us special and different from the other companies. So, to answer your query, we have mentioned the following points that have made us the first choice of the customers.

  • When you select us for any service, you will get 100 percent satisfaction and a big smile.

  • We will provide you with a written warranty to make you feel more relaxed and confident about choosing our services.

  • Our highly skilled technicians will be there to solve all your problems as soon as you contact us.

To get the best AC Replacement in Friendswood, TX, contact Davis Mechanical. You can visit our website to know more about our services, request an estimate, and read what our customers say about us.

Contact Us Today for AC Replacement in Friendswood, TX, and Surrounding Areas

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