The scorching Texas heat can genuinely be unbearable, especially during the ongoing months. The summer season makes us realize our AC units’ actual value and utility, which provide us with the much-needed calm and comfort throughout the season.  

However, these appliances demand regular maintenance and care for optimum functioning. Some common problems do not always require a technician, although you should search for ‘AC contractors near me‘ before taking up the task yourself. 

The three most common issues are mentioned below, with an idea of what you can do about them if need be. So that you can combat the minor problems even without an air conditioner repair, Alvin, TX.

1). No cooling or inadequate cooling

The issue is commonly seen in spaces where either the unit is not proportional to the size of the space or is not set appropriately for it. Resetting the thermostat can quickly fix the latter, while the former will require you to get a replacement. 

If these two things are in order and yet the unit is not providing adequate cooling, You should check if anything is hindering the function of the evaporator coil. Another reason could be an electrical issue, in which case you will have to seek the help of a technician.

2). AC not turning on

Many people face the issue wherein the air conditioner is properly plugged in and supposed to be running. In such a case, the first thing to check is whether the condenser is working. If it is not, you can try turning the unit off and again in a few minutes. If the condenser still does not run, you need to contact your provider for air conditioner repair, Alvin, TX.

Another thing that may be causing this issue is a clogged filter. The filter needs to be cleaned periodically and is usually done by your maintenance service technician when you get your annual tune-up. But the more the unit is used, the more the filter gets dirty, especially in households with pets. Hence, you may need to clean out the filter more frequently.

3). Incorrect thermostat setting

The thermostat is essentially what makes your air conditioner function as per your needs. The way you set up your thermostat tells the air conditioner what you wish for it to do. The most common and perhaps easily fixable issue that people face related to their air conditioners is an incorrectly calibrated thermostat. If the thermostat is not calibrated correctly, it cannot send the proper instructions to the AC. You can refer to the instruction manual or call the manufacturer’s customer support in cases like these.

Most issues other than these may require professional help from qualified AC contractors near me. Even when you feel like you are enough to solve an issue with your unit, it is always advisable to seek professional help to ensure your family’s safety. 

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